Welcome to the Harlan County Chamber of Commerce website. We hope you find this information valuable. These businesses and individuals that are members of the chamber are very much interested in the progress and development of the county and the region.

"Please feel free to contact the chamber, and be sure to thank our local businesses and individuals for being active in the chamber. If you haven't already joined please consider doing so."
Aimee Blanton

The purpose of the Harlan County Chamber of Commerce is the improvement of the quality of life in Harlan County through the promotion and stimulation of economic, social, and cultural development.

You are invited! The Chamber meets the second Wednesday of every month upstairs at the Portal Restaurant. Please join us!



We typically have a number of events annually and would love for you to participate! Please use the links below to find more information about events that are coming up!

- Nominate/Vote for the 2015 Awards - Closed
- Christmas Parade Theme Contest - Closed
- Awards Gala - January 21, 2016

We voluntarily pledge and agree:


    1. • To engage in activities that are in the best interest of Harlan County, acting responsibly and demonstrating a commitment to the advancement of the county through the promotion of education, health, cultural, economic and other activities.

      • That all staff, board members and executives shall maintain high standards of conduct, which shall make us known for strict adherence to honorable business practices.

      • To use only legal and ethical means for the operation of the Chamber, to influence legislation, regulation or any other Chamber-related business.

      • To avoid conflicts of interest and to disclose such conflicts when identified.

      • To maintain a spirit of harmony within the Chamber and Harlan County as a whole.

      • To support and comply with the by-laws, policies and procedures of the Chamber.

      • To respond promptly to complaints, resolving them as quickly and fairly as possible.

      • To conduct business in the spirit of free enterprise, mutual trust, non-discrimination and support so that everyone may gain from vibrant business activity and the ensuing economic growth and stability.

      -Adopted: February 25, 2004

Membership Payment:

Membership payments can be made securely via PayPal using any major credit card. Please click on the link below to be transfered to our payment form.




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