Executive committee

Colby Kirk, President

Teresa Cox-Mink, Vice President

Jonathan Price, Secretary

Scott Sherman, Treasurer

Geoff Marietta, Past-President

board of directors

Preston McLain, At-Large

Connie Fields, At-Large

Ron Frazier, At-Large

Anne Hensley, At-Large

Gail Hensley, At-Large

James Epperson, Director

awards and recognition

James Epperson

Teresa Cox-Mink

Geoff Marietta

Megan McIlquham

Sarah Hobbs

Ron Frazier

Scott Sherman

Polly McLain

Jonathan Price

Gail Hensley

past presidents

Geoff Marietta

Flora Asher

Aimee Cupp 

Dan Mosley

Kathy Jones

Frank Robinette

Dawn Nunez

Ralph Souleyret

Jeff Phillips

Roger Fannin

Mark Bell​

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